Your DevOps Brain

We acknowledge that we can’t change culture, but we can change behavior. Culture is the sum of values and behavior. But what makes humans behave the way we do and how can we influence behavior and model it the way we want to? In this talk, hobbyist neuroscientist Helen Beal will apply what she’s observed through driving and coaching countless DevOps evolutions to what she’s learned about neuroscience. She’ll provide practical tips to create a high trust, empowered culture where value outcomes can be delivered at pace with resilience.

Required audience experience


Objectives of the talk

  • Understanding of how the brain operates in the workplace
  • Knowledge of the fear and approach responses and neuroplasticity and mindset
  • Appreciation for how we learn and how we create automaticity in the brain
  • Practical uses for understanding neurology in team situations

Track 1
Location: Date: May 13, 2020 Time: 10:55 am - 11:40 am Helen J Beal Bio Pic Helen Beal