Workshop: Service Meshes Hands-on with Istio and Linkerd

Microservice applications need features like circuit breaking, monitoring, and authentication. Until now, most of them have been laboriously housed in libraries or bloated API gateways. A service mesh lifts observability, routing, resilience, and security into the infrastructure. But can the Kubernetes stack bear another level of abstraction? When should we use a service mesh and when not? And what is the difference between implementations like Istio and Linkerd?
In this hands-on workshop, participants configure the Istio and Linkerd service meshes using a microservice application as an example and explore their features and APIs.
The goal is to gain a deep understanding of the service mesh architecture and its capabilities and disadvantages. The hands-on experience will enable participants to make well-founded decisions on possible applications.
Required audience experience:
  • Intermediate knowledge of Kubernetes is required.
  • Participants need a notebook with a web browser installed.
Objectives of the workshop:
By installing and configuring both the Istio and Linkerd Service Meshes, participants will gain experience with Service Mesh concepts and practices. The workshop will enable the participants to assess the potential, limits, and performance of a service mesh.

Location: Date: May 15, 2020 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Hanna Prinz Hanna Prinz, INNOQ