Workshop: DevOps Essentials

In this DevOps Essentials one day workshop, participants will learn through simulations and exercises how to model Culture, architect toolchains and Automation along with continuous integration and delivery (CICD), practice Lean techniques like value stream mapping and Kanban, what Measurements are most helpful and how Sharing accelerates value (CALMS) and how The Three Ways (the principles as outlined in The Phoenix Project – the recognised leading book about DevOps) underpins these ways of working.

We’ll look at the origins of DevOps in agile system administration and how DevOps has solved many conflicts between development and IT operations teams around accelerating release velocity and management, environment provisioning, shifting quality left, building resilience in, dismantling the wall of confusion and optimising the flow of value from idea to realisation. Together, we’ll unpick the relationships between agile, lean and ITSM and how they relate to DevOps, along with newer and emerging practices like DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering and ChatOps.

This workshop is for people new to DevOps concepts and principles, who may already know some things about agile, lean or ITSM (but not a prerequisite). Takeaways from the workshop are tools for stakeholder mapping, simulations for flow and experimentation and techniques and sharing vision and goals. Participants will be equipped to return to their organisations to drive meaningful change in the way they work.

Location: Date: May 15, 2020 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Helen J Beal Bio Pic Helen Beal