Workshop: Continuous Delivery for Large Enterprises

Continuous Delivery is the most effective approach to delivering software that we know of. It can significantly impact the speed and efficiency of the development process and deliver software of measurably higher quality, that is more likely to deliver the features that your users need.

The only real downside to a Continuous Delivery approach to delivering software is that it is a very challenging discipline to adopt. This is even more true for traditional large organisations with a legacy of code and practice.

This course will describe the concepts and philosophy of Continuous Delivery in the context of larger, and more traditional, organisations. It will review the foundations that underpin this approach and describe why and how Continuous Delivery works, not just offer a list of practices to follow. It will also explore what it takes for an organisation to embrace this new approach and really benefit from it.

We’ll look into several patterns that allow you to scale Deployment Pipelines, deal with Compliance & Regulation, bridge the gaps between Product Ownership and Development as well as discuss modern, scalable, architectural and organisational patterns appropriate to large companies.

Location: Date: May 15, 2020 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Dave Farley Dave Farley, Continuous Delivery Ltd