Workshop | Microservice Alternatives: REST, Kubernetes, UI Integration and Asynchronous Integration

This workshop first introduces the fundamental concepts of microservices
and self-contained systems. Microservices might be written in any
programming language, but every system needs technologies to integrate
the microservices. The workshop shows such integrations, e.g. UI
integration on the client with JavaScript and on the server with ESI
(Edge-side Includes). It then presents asynchronous communication with
Atom/REST and Kafka. For synchronous integration the workshop talks
about Kubernetes, Consul, and the Netflix stack. Concrete code examples
illustrate each of the approaches. The samples are available on GitHub
and can be a starting point for your own implementation. This way the
workshop goes beyond the theory of microservices and show a practical
approach to this architecture.

Basic understanding of software architecture and principles like REST. Understanding of Java is an advantage.

– Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing microservices
and self-contained systems.
– Knowledge about asynchronous, synchronous, and UI integration of
– Overview of technologies like Kubernetes, Kafka, Consul, the Netflix
Stack, ESI, and JavsScript UI integration

Location: Date: May 18, 2018 Time: - Eberhard Wolff