How stopping calling software rubbish helped us become better developers

It is reasonably common to think of software we work with as rubbish. We will talk to you about how thinking of software as rubbish is ultimately counterproductive by drawing on examples from our professional lives. When we think of software as rubbish it makes it difficult for us to reason about software because we tend to think of it in isolation, outside of the context in which it exists.

Instead of thinking of software in isolation we’d like to encourage the audience to think of it as a process with a past and a future, and shaped by a complex network of both technological and non-technological factors.

Required audience experience

General experience of developing software as a part of a team

Objectives of the talk

Learn how to not to be frustrated by software but instead ask questions about where the software came from and where it is going. Learn to appreciate what software you are working on does well, why it might do some things badly and how to prioritise tasks.

Track 1
Location: Date: May 14, 2020 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Reetta Vaahtoranta, The Guardian Jonathan Herbert, The Guardian