Effortless 10,000 Steps (Function) a Day

We needed ordered processing of a daily batch, orchestrating the endpoints to call. Requirements were not stable yet.“Please start the project asap”. There was a high risk of errors being thrown while internal inconsistencies were already playing hide-and-seek with us. We needed something running on-demand (vs always-on), scalable, data-tight, low maintenance, well monitored. When we mentioned “Step Functions” ideas sparkled even though we had no experience using them. We’ll show you the trade-offs we faced in our journey,the design,the testing,the CI and those features that unexpectedly ended up being very useful. You’ll see our re-usability pattern and how much head space those Step Functions gave us.

Required audience experience

AWS Lambda YAML DevOps

Objectives of the talk

Understand AWS State Machine and the tweaks we experienced to be make them very effective, reusable and production ready.

Track 3
Location: Date: May 13, 2020 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Maria Giuffirda Mario Giuffrida, Tesco Technology