Continuous Abstraction – Striving for Cloud Agnosticism: Myth or Reality?

Many organisations, both large and small have come to embrace and realise the benefits of cloud computing. AWS, Google and Microsoft dominate market share, but there are also many other SaaS offerings providing great services too. Regardless of the individual benefits however, a lot of unease still exists around nailing your colours to just one particular vendors mast. This could be from fear of becoming “locked in”, or perhaps a desire to be able to pick and use the best of what’s available given the task at hand. Whatever the reason, striving for a vendor neutral reality requires some level of abstraction to be employed by your development and operations teams at various stages of the process. But is this really possible? Is it even a good thing to attempt and how far can you genuinely get?

In this talk, we will explore the realities and challenges involved in trying to make this happen, and the impact on various different aspects of the continuous delivery lifecycle. We’ll look at the trade off’s to consider, and span areas including infrastructure-as-code (using tools like Terraform) to create environments, monitoring and pipelines needed to deploy your solutions across various different vendors.

Track 2
Location: Date: May 14, 2020 Time: 1:20 pm - 2:05 pm Nicki Watt, OpenCredo Nicki Watt, OpenCredo